Play Prime Grand Rush Online Baccarat in 2022

Online Baccarat is an incredibly popular casino game all over the world, in part because the Grand Rush Casino rules are so simple. You’ll be able to hold your own at one of the live or virtual tables in next to no time!

Getting to Grips With the Basics

Take a look around the lobby and find a variant that interests you. You can play online Baccarat via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, making it easy to get in on a game no matter where you are or what you have to work with!

The state-of-the-art SSL Data Encryption software in place to protect our players using desktops to log in to their accounts is also in place when you access the real money action on a handheld device. And the same goes for our generous bonuses, excellent customer care, and diverse array of different banking options.

Then it’s time to set your stake. You will be able to view the minimum and maximum requirements with ease and the betting range at Grand Rush Casino is wide enough to suit high rollers and more conservative players alike. Click or tap on the Deal button to begin your online Baccarat game.

Place your Online Baccarat Bets

You have three options when it comes to wagering. The goal is to predict which hand, the Player or the Banker, will have a card total of nine points, or whether they will tie. Bear in mind that neither you nor Grand Rush Casino has any decision-making to do when it comes to these hands, this is just what they’re called.

Aces count as one point each, picture cards are worth nothing, and the remaining cards are taken at face value. If the hand total ends up being a two-digit number, then the first one is discarded. So, if the Banker hand receives an 8 card and a 4, making for a total of 12 points, it would become 2, since the first digit falls away.

There are additional rules when it comes to dealing extra cards, but these are dealt with automatically, so you don’t have to memorise anything too complicated. For example, if the Banker hand totals less than two points, a third card will be dealt to it. If the Banker has three points, the same occurs, but not if the Player hand totals eight. You can double-check on the Hit and Stand rules, but the online Baccarat game software handles this in virtual games and the croupier does it in a Live Dealer variant, so you can play without knowing this information by heart.

Profitable Baccarat Online Payouts

The payouts vary depending on which bet you’ve made correctly. The reward for winning a stake on the Player hand is calculated at 1:1. If you wager on the Banker’s hand being closest to nine points and end up correct, you’ll also be paid out at 1:1 but this amount will be less a 5% commission. And the Tie bet pays out at a whopping 8:1. This is the standard for winning wagers, but certain variations may tweak the payout totals, so always read the rules of the specific game you want to play in full before you start betting.

What are you waiting for? Channel your inner James Bond and place your bet at an online Baccarat table! Grand Rush Casino can’t wait to welcome you in.